Welcome to the website of the Cambridge ME Support Group, CBME.  CBME exists to try and support sufferers, combating the isolation that so often accompanies chronic illness. We have meet-ups every month and have a Facebook page for chats, support and ways to feel positive. Please contact us to join in the fun.

As of April 2021 we have over 100 members.

Note, we are run by volunteers who themselves have ME so be assured of a friendly, understanding (and sometimes a bit tardy) welcome.

ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) is a syndrome affecting almost all of the body’s functions. Metabolism (the body’s energy systems), brain function, muscle funtion, digestion, the immune system and the nervous system are all compromised. The foremost symptoms are chronic, disabling fatigue; severe problems with concentration and memory; and a worsening of symptoms with exertion of any sort, physical or mental. There are thought to be a quarter of a million sufferers in the UK alone. The disease is no respecter of age or social status.

At present there is no cure, and sufferers must manage their levels of activity carefully. Different people are affected to different degrees. A minority can live semi-normally, working to some extent and engaging in some physical activities. Most find their capacities seriously curtailed. Around 25% are bedridden.