We made it to Peacock’s!

Our outing to Peacock’s tearooms in Ely on Saturday 17th March went with a bang!

There were pandas in full attendance, one our regular mascot, the other simply there in order to sit on peoples’ heads as far as I can gather.


Diverse subjects were discussed with gusto and abandon, ranging from politics to health to the reasons that men’s clothing is much better provided with handy pockets than women’s (conclusion: men don’t carry handbags because they’d just lose them). Unlike the last CB-ME meet up, few if any dirty looks were detected from neighbouring tables conveying a wish that we’d quieten down or buzz off, so I conclude that (subjective impressions notwithstanding) we conducted ourselves with reasonable decorum.

Diverse teas were drunk, swapped, and their merits compared, including chocolate tea for those with an insatiable craving for that particular drug, and an intriguing mixture of Earl Gray and Lapsang Suchong which can only be described as a rich and complex taste experience. All accompanied of course by plenty of cake or scones, according to choice. We lasted a couple of hours before heads began to droop as low as the tabletop, so I count the meeting a resounding success!