The Cambridge ME Support Group, CBME, is an independent group run by volunteers. We exist to enable adults with ME to network and meet each other in a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere. We organise regular meet-ups and share a private Facebook group with the Cambridgeshire Rural ME Tea & Chat Group, crMEtea. During the COVID-19 pandemic all meetings are being held online.

We can also help if you are too unwell to come to meet-ups. You can join our Facebook community, and stay in touch via our too-ill-to-come group.

The membership requirements are simply that you have ME, that you are 18 or over, and that you want to participate actively in the group to the extent that you are able.

We are a social and mutual support group. Members talk about all and any issues, especially around ME, and often support each other individually. We can help you find support with claiming the benefits you are entitled to. But CBME itself does not offer advice on medication.

To date over 100 people have joined. If you would like to join, or just learn more about us, fill in the form on the Contact page and we will get in touch.

The dignity and privacy of our members is important to us. Anything you tell the organisers about yourself will be treated entirely in confidence.

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