At meet-ups ME and fibromyalgia sufferers can expect a friendly welcome from fellow-sufferers who are very familiar with how it affects life! One of the main benefits is not having to explain or justify yourself. We want members to be able to relax and enjoy themselves in a supportive environment, free from judgement or criticism of their limitations. Everyone who comes is coping with chronic illness in one way or another.

Living with ME is an obvious topic of discussion, but we don’t limit ourselves to that! Feel free to talk about anything you want. This is a social occasion above all.

Who can come

The meet-ups are open only to group members, and to supporting adult companions. So if you’d like to come, and haven’t joined yet, head over to the Contact page and get in touch!

When and where

We normally meet on the fourth Thursday of every month. We have two alternative venues, one in town and one outside, and we alternate between the two:

The Edge Café,
351 Mill Road, Cambridge,
CB1 3DF on the Brookfields Hospital site, with parking available on the site.

The Sunflower Café
Scotsdales Garden Centre
120 Cambridge Road
Great Shelford
CB22 5JT

… lies between Cambridge and Shelford. There is plentiful parking, and we don’t have to pay to hire either venue! We run the group without asking for membership fees, so we prefer to do it this way. We simply turn up as paying customers – the cafe staff won’t necessarily know about our group, so simply watch out for the signature blue scarf hanging over someone’s chair back.

These venues can always be changed to suit members – if you have an alternative you want to suggest, don’t be shy – let us know.

Next meet-up

Our next planned meet-up, following a mere three weeks after the last, will be at

The Sunflower Café, Scotsdales Garden Centre

Thursday 26th October

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